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2016년 8월 15일 광복절 행사
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  | The Asian Youth Leadership Organization (AYLO) donates $1000 to KAAGNY

The Asian Youth Leadership Organization (AYLO) donates $1000 to KAAGNY
AYLO (President, Donald kim; Treasurer, Celine Kim) delivered a $1000 check to KAAGNY for Museum of Korean American Heritage. AYLO successfully presented 2017 AYLO BEST OF NEW YORK, a group art exhibition consisting of a multitude of artists living and working in the United States. The inaugural show is a celebration of diversity within the Asian creative community, featuring various practices and sponsoring more than 30 contemporary artists. Together, the collective is made up of first- and second-generation Asians/Asian-Americans representing the Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Filipino, Taiwanese, and Vietnamese communities. The art exhibition also aims to bring awareness to the Museum of Korean American Heritage (MOKAH), a new museum opening in New York this summer.
뉴욕한인회 차세대위원회(AYLO)가 지난 4일부터 진행하고 있는 아시안 작가 29인 그룹전 수익금 중 1000달러를 이민사박물관 건립 기금으로 16일 한인회에 기부했다. 김민선 뉴욕한인회장(왼쪽부터)과 도널드 김 AYLO 회장, 셀 린 김 AYLO 재무위원, 찰스 윤 이민사박물관 추진위원회 위원장.


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