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History of K.A.A.G.N.Y
1921 Founded Korean Students Association of New York  
1924 Founded Association of Overseas Korean in New York (Dec. 10)  
1949 Establishment of Korean Consulate General of New York  
1960 Founding of Korean American Association of Greater New York (June. 12)  
1966 Held the 1st Korean Night Ball Event (Dec.23)  
1971 Became the President's term to two years, executed membership system  
1973 Acquired non-profit organization authorization from New York state government  
1974 Acquired Tax-exempt 501C(3) organization authorization from IRS  
1975 Moved into Korean Center Building (460 Park Ave.)  
1980 Started fundraising for the KAAGNY building
Created and operated the 1st Korean Parade (Oct. 18)
1981 published KAAGNY newspaper  
1983 Directed the rally for shooting down a KAL aircraft by Soviet Union (Sep. 04)
Directed the censure rally for bombing homicide in Burma by North Korea (Oct. 16)
Purchased the KAAGNY's own building (149 W. 24th street)
1984 Held the 1st 'Man of the Year' Award presentation  
1986 Affiliated International Immigrant Foundation
Operated Blood Drive throughout the community
1987 Established the Welfare Foundation of KAAGNY (chairman J.D. Byun)
Set up the sisterhood relationship with the Red Cross
1989 Sponsored 'Reunion of pardoned family members' program
Opened Immigration Education school
Created and operated 'Youth Festival'
Set up the sisterhood relationship with Killim Sung district government of China
1990 Collected and contributed fund for Church Avenue incident
President JD Byun made a speech at the White House about the complication  between Black and Korean community
Held the 30th anniversary of KAAGNY commemoration ceremony
Installed the community library in the KAAGNY
1991 Set up the sisterhood relationship with Korean Association of Havarosk, Soviet Union  
1992 Collected and contributed fund for victims of LA riot
Installed and run the Civil Service Consultation Center in Flushing
Expanded classes of I.E.S.: English, SAT, TOEFL, Citizenship, Korean etc.
Published KAAGNY building white paper
1993 Sponsored 'Korean and Black community in one harmony' event  
1994 Established 'committee of practical Ethics Charter'  
1996 Operated Database of registered Voters
Led the demonstration against Japan's absurd remark about dominium of Dokdo
1997 Announced the operation of Public Health program in association with KCS
Run the Voter's registration program
Made and announced the long range plan for building up the Korean American community center
Campaigned 'Support our country by sending dollars'
1998 Led the communitywide reception invited by DJ Kim Korean President
Held and run discussion with Jewish community for strong relationship
Established the Coalition of Youth guidance
Launched an on-the-street-campaign for raising fund for Turkey donation
1999 Led the demonstration against anti-racial discrimination in Palisades Park, NJ  
2000 Campaigned for 2000 Census
Established the 'Town Hall Meeting'
Led the communitywide reception invited by DJ Kim Korean President
2001 Led the demonstration against distortion on Japanese history textbook
Staged the demonstration against Anti-racial discrimination in front of Local 169
Collected and contributed total $512,277.88 of 9.11 Terror relief fund
(New York City Mayor's Office 415,832/ Red Cross $82,212 / bereaved families $24,362.88)
2002 Established the Centennial Committee of Korean Immigration to the U.S. (CCKI)
Official announcement of 'Code of Conduct' in association  with Elliot Spitzer New York State Attorney General
Led the hearing regarding relocation of Con Edison substation
2003 Celebrated 'Centennial Korean Immigrants to the U.S.'
Campaigned 'facts and right aspect of 7 million overseas Koreans'
Collected and contributed fund for flood sufferers
Published monthly magazine 'New York Korean'
2004 Installed and run the Civil Service Consultation Center in KAAGNY
Entered into an agreement of 'special treatment and discount on medical checkup  for Korean Americans in NY area with Korea Association of Health Promotion
Set up the sisterhood relationship with Korean Association in Germany
Received the Grand prize from Worldwide Korean Associations Home Page competition
2005 Planned and operated 'Free Job Training Program' in association with Korean Community
Center and Korean Nail Association of NY Received '2004 Best non profit organization
award from the Council of city of New York Elected Kyongro Lee as the 29th president
of KAAGNY (April 05)
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