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History of K.A.A.G.N.Y

Founded in 1960, the Korean-American Association of Greater New York has not only represented half a million of Korean-Americans residing in the New York metropolitan area, but also advocated for the enhancement of political rights and interests of Korean-American. The Korean- American Association of Greater New York is a non-profit organization which has served as a bridge that connects Korean- Americans to the American mainstream along with approximately 500 other Korean-American organizations in the New York metropolitan area in various fields of specialty, including education, culture, vocational help, and community affair.

The Korean-American association of Greater New York, at the dawn of a new century, sets its prior goals on consolidating friendship with other ethnic organizations through various community activities, and enlightening the 2nd immigrant generation to develop a sense of identity as Korean so that they can make contribution to the Korean community.?

27 administrations served the Korean-American Association of Greater New York since the 1st administration by President Sang Bok Seo and currently the 34th President, Minsun Kim, is serving her term. Once elected through a direct election process by approximately half a million Korean-American in New York metropolitan area, president is ought to serve a 2 year-term.

Under Minsun Kim’s leadership, current 29th administration is operating by total 101 authorities including one chief assistant president, 15 assistant presidents, and the Board of Committees (Director of the Board, Eric B. Lee).

The New York Korean Center, where the Organization’s office is located at, is on 24th St. in Manhattan and composed of a basement and 6 upper floors. It was built in 1983 financed by donations contributed by Korean-Americans. To manage the building efficiently, the organization is operating a board of Korean Center management.
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